Navigating a life with meaning, integrity and joy.

Navigating a life with meaning, integrity and joy.

Dylan Lopez

We foster healthy connection in all our endeavours.



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Savvy Surfer fosters ideas that sustainably improve life everywhere on the planet. To mutually benefit through consensually adopted principles and practices. Be it food, shelter, transportation, entertainment or healthcare. Our supports come from a chain of people working to make that happen.

We all are somewhere. Savvy Surfer is here, and as is with life, not everything is done yet. While so much is subject to change we can start with these ideas.

Guiding Principles

  1. To keep a consistent pattern of support and trust while honoring healthy boundaries.
  2. To stay authentic in all endeavors.
  3. To care for all parties in truth and dignity.

Savvy Socializing

Like a Wizard

We like the idea of encouraging a kind of magic, one which leaves you feeling good about life! One where we come up with brilliant ideas, and actually do them. Here is a cover of 'The Wizard' on our SoundCloud channel.

Savvy Wishlist

Savvy Surfer Articles

To write a hundred articles! Lets play with the subject of our writing. Perhaps we revisit what "buying local" means. Try to earn money honestly through the used goods market. Explore growing vegetables from home, preserving then and doing large batch cooking to save tons of money and time.

Savvy Surfer Guides

Publish dozens of guidebooks. They are rumored to exist but nobody has confirmed precisely where as of yet. The hope is, these manuals for life eventually make their way onto the website.

Savvy Surfer Studies

If good ideas are like striking gold, then studying is like mining it. What outcomes might come of the risks we take? An imaginative approach is required to create insightful discoveries.

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